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Timmy and Mary Samuel's Home Page
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This Page is dedicated to some of my close Friends


Rupert and Princess Ratniah

I met Rupert in 1976 in Madras at a course we both attended called Business Management at Datamatics. After I moved on to Bangalore I lost touch with him and most of my friends in Madras.

In 1983-84 Rupert surfaced from nowhere and called me in Bangalore at work and asked if I remembered him. From then on I have continually kept in touch with him and Princess a lovely lady he married. Bangalore had been an enjoyable and very rewarding experience for me and Mary with friends like Rupert and Princess and another of my close Friend Ravi Joseph.


On the right is a photo of another of my close friend Ravi Joseph. Ravi like me studied in Doveton Corrie School in Madras. I think he was 1 year juniour to me. When I went on to get my degree from Madras Christian College he went on to study at Loyola College. Ravi also later on joined me at Bangalore. He was transfered with Indian Airlines. In Bangalore Mary and myself had a great bond and friendship with Ravi who was only a bachelor then. He later married Sujatha a wonderful person from Madras who he knew in the past.


Kirubakaran is another long lost friend suddenly come to life. One cold July morning Kiruba rings and asks if I recognise his voice and his name. To tell the truth I didn't. Anyway I invite him to stay with us and pursue his US visa at the US embassy. Kiruba was a good friend of mine sometime around 1973-76. It seems he's been telling my kids that I broke his nose when I was teaching him boxing. I wish him and his wife Dr.Kasturi a great future in the Springfield.



Jubilee is the sister of Mary's close friend at WORLD VISION Madras. We have known Jubilee since the time she immigrated to N.Z in 1994. We developed a close friendship from the time she stayed with us to write her medical exams for NZ registration and her subsequent move to live and work in Dunedin in NZ. Juby has become a very close and special friend to all of us.She is currently the Registrar for Pshychiatry in the Dunedin Hospital

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Princess & Rupert Ratniah

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Ravi's mother , his wife Sujatha and their two sons

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Dr. Kirubakaran just before he left for the US(1997)

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Mary and Dr. Jubilee Rajiah

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