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Timmy and Mary Samuel's Home Page
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  My Mum and Dad's Page
CLICK below for Photos of my Dad's younger days
Dad in Kholapur

Dads Mother ( my granny)

Dads mum and his Sister

Click below for Photos of my Dad's ARMY days
Dad and his troops
Dad on Horse back

Dad in Uniform

Dad at work at his desk

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Mum and me

My Favorite photo of Mum

Mum and me with her Sister and my siblings

Mum in a Family photo with her relatives-Only one photo of the kind

Mum with her only real sister and me in 1956


MARY's Mum and Dad's Page
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Mum and Dad's PHOTOS
Dad and Mum together
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part 3
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part 6


part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

part 6

dad2with Tuffy.jpg (12854 bytes) This is a photo of my dad having Roshan on his lap. It was on Roshan's 1st Birthday celebrations. Roshan was born in Bangalore on 17/3/83. We decided to hold the Birthday Party at my dad's in Madras so all our relies could come.
dad3with Tuffy.jpg (13320 bytes) Another of my dad with Roshan on the same day.On the right with the daughter of one of our friends Sarala. Dad.jpg (12256 bytes)

My father Aaron Richard Samuel was born in the city of Rangoon in Burma on 17th March 1917. I am told that he joined the British Army during the war in Burma. He was a medical student in the Rangoon Medical College. Sometime later around 1930s I am told when Burma was under siege and Rangoon was war ravaged his family decided to trek into India.

Now those days the only route to India was over the mountains and ravines and on foot. Families had to gather whatever precious little money and belongings they had and carried them across the border. Many people perished along the way. He had even seen the death of his uncles and aunts in this manner. It seems his Mother SOPHIA SAMUEL and other members of his family along with his siblings boarded the last ship that sailed to INDIA and headed for the shores of MADRAS a city in the south east coast of India.

My father and his father A.D. SAMUEL undertook to walk to India. It was considered that able bodied men and adults should walk and leave the sea passage to older women, the sick and children. It seems on the way my grand father became very sick due to the altitude and the debilitating task of walking over mountainous terrain. Footwear and clothing seemed to wear off and water and food became a scarcity. For many miles I am told my father carried his ailing father on his back and finally reached India.

After his rehab in India my father was listed in the Officers Regiment of the Indian army wing of the British army. He pursued his career in the Indian Army and retired in 1972 as as a provisional Lt. Col and posted as the Commander of the NCC Brigade at St. Thomas Mount near Madras.