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My name is Timmy Samuel and my wife's name is Mary.

I work for the IBM AUSTRALIA.

and MARY works for one of the biggest Investment Companies of Australia called JGL Investments.

We have two boys and their names are ROSHAN and NICHOLAS. ROSHAN is 22yrs old and he is now employed in IBM Australia as well. . NICHOLAS is 18 yrs old and he has just graduated from High School ready to go into university. 4.They are both keen Martial artists and are 1st Degree Black belts in the ZENDOKAI Karate . I have dedicated another page with details of both of them.

In 1985 we decided to migrate to New Zealand and lived in Auckland for 5 years before moving to the lower north island city of Wellington. It is also the capitol of N.Z.

We Now live in Melbourne Australia

This is one of our Family photofamilyphoto.jpg (31932 bytes)

This is a photo of our house where we currently live


Last updated on Tuesday, 20 December 2005

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